Thursday, September 22, 2005

Tuesdays with Ferus

Check it: I wakes up from a NyQuil coma to find out I gotta do one-on-one tutorin with Siri's obnoxizzle padawan Dumba... er... Ferus. Seems like he sucks at pretty much everythin. Not a surprise, but whatevs. Not to mention he's always all "Anakin's slaughterin people, Anakin's sneakin out of the Temple, Anakin's stealin speeders, Anakin's taking 'stim" to anybody who'll listen.

So I figure, s'all good. Cause I've been waitin for a chance to throw him a beatin, and this way I can do it all legit an spit. We started with 'saber trainin, since I can't meditate for shizzy an I sure ain't gonna try an teach him. He wanted to learn Vaapad right off the bat, but I ain't goin there. Specially since he can't even figure out Form 1.

So to "get a feel for his skillz", we did some sparrin first. I whupped his sorry behind. I think he prolly shoulda gone to the Healer's what with the 'saber burn on his chest an all, but whatev. So since he sucked, I had him go through katas without the saber for a while, just to get him to shut up for twenty seconds. Left him doin that an got some coffee, came back, had him keep doin it, took a nap, woke up, an sent him back to Siri.

Obs heard I was workin with Dumba... Ferus... an assumed that meant we were bestest friends, so he invited Ferus to stay with us while Siri's off... whatever she's doin with Typo. The good thing is I get to fling pretzels at 'im til Siri comes back. Bad thing is... Ferus is stayin with us.

Maybs I will have him meditate, so he keeps his yap shut an so he's not a moving target for my pretzel-flingin.

Sunday, September 04, 2005

NyQuil for nights....

Still sick.

Took two bottles of NyQuil.

Feelin rather buzzed, but not uncongested or whatev.

Think I complimented the green riddle monkey.

Can you OD on NyQuil? Maybe I should go down to the Healers if I don't wake up in the morning.

Or wait... that don't make sense...

Maybe I should think bout goi

Thursday, September 01, 2005

*breathe* *breathe*

Jedi ain't supposed to get sick, yo. But somebody (Pads... er... Senator Amidala, I'm lookin in your direction) went an hadta give me a cold or flu or sumthin and now I'm all like can't breath an spit. I tried releasin it into the Force or whatev, but then I coughed an lost my concentration.

Man, this better clear up soon. I dont wanna be all breathin funny for the rest of my life, yo. Plus my roboclaw hurts (can't figure that out), my eyescar hurts, an my sinuses are all clogged an spit. An speakin of spit, I got this goop in the back of my throat an every time I try to cough it out so I can, y'know, like, breathe a lil better, Master Y whacks me with his stick. "Hock loogies you shouldn't," he keeps sayin, but this is SO different from hockin a loogie for fun!

At least I don't haveta be gettin up early anymore. Windu's lettin us do our anger management classy assignment things online, so that's good. But still.

Now I gotta go try an breathe some more. Wish me luck.