Saturday, November 19, 2005

Grody, man, grody

So I'm sure ya'll got a good laugh outta what that little green monkey did ta me, but I'll show him. I mean it weren't like I tried to mess up his smitin or whatev, but I really wanted to go clubbin with Pa... um... some of my homies, an he was all like getting up in my grill about it or whatev.

I gotta wonder if DSS gets involved in Jiz-edi affairs cause man I'm feelin all abused an spit. I mean, first he welds my roboclaw to my stereo, then he does this! An not to mention the Force wedgies! My underoos are so far up my butt they could pass as a thong, ya'll.

I mean, I'm the Chosen One, yo! They should be all worshippin me an spit, not makin me look like an overgrown Oompa Loompa. Seriously - Oompa Loompas freak me out.

I wonder if I could at least get my own crib - then he wouldn't be able to touch my stuff, or mangle me or whatev.

Shuh, this is ridonkulous.