Saturday, February 11, 2006

no disintigrations, yo!

So here's what's goin down. I'm all tellin Pads I'll investigizzle this bounty hunter thing, so I flewed out to Bespin or wherever to see if I could be all trackin down this chick an baby-clone. Well, turns out Cloud City's, like, stuck in this tizime warp or sumthin, cause everybody's like in polyester leisure suits an whatnot - an ya'll know the Chosen One don't roll that way, yo.

So I'm chillin, lookin around for these playas, tryin to avoid the people with fish in their shoes (seems like somethin Obs would do by accident or sumthin). Oh! They took me on a tour of the tizorture/carbon freezin facilitizzle. That thing is off the hook!

Been havin weird dreams since I gots here, but I think it's cause of all the orange an green an meatloaf. Sumbody from the temple called an said somebody was lookin' for me, so I'm kinda not wantin to go back - might be sumbody I owe money or sumthin.